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  • Business Tribes: Networking  in a new way... for profit.
  •  Strategic Planning: Don't run around in circles...FOCUS
  •  Memberships: Use the power of the TRIBE.
  •  IT information : Insights to the IT programs I use. 
Author - Entrepreneur - Academic - Mentor
I have been fortunate to have experienced many highs in developing business and organisations all over the world - and a number of lows that have given me unique skills to share with current and new friends.
Developing new insights in developing your networks, what I have called Business Tribes (c) to assist others in their development.
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International Best Selling Author, member of Academy of Best Selling Authors and co-author with Business guru Brian Tracy with Ignite Your Life.

New book on Business Tribes due for release in early 2018.

Academic papers and reports
I have built over $ 50 Million of businesses over the past 40 years I have been in business. 
Aged Care
On-Line Marketing
Good times and challenging   
Current PHD candidate investigating Guanxi (Chinese networking - sort of)

Completed MBA (Marketing)
Grad Cert Commersilisation
Grad Cert Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Grad Cert Research

Diplomas in Accounting, Leadership, Marketing and Training 
"People Don't Care How Much You Know,
Until They Know How Much You Care"
~ President Roosevelt ~
Over the past 45 years, I have helped thousands of businesses and organisations all over the world. Lets chat to see if I can help you.
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Business Tribes
Business Tribes is a new concept developed by Tony Park and is based on his 40 years experience in developing businesses and organisations all over the world. I have been working to develop these concepts, so I can help more new friends all around the world, so you can develop your many Tribes.

This free book will show you the five steps that will help you in your business, in your organisation and your life.   
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